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medical equipments

We need the following types of equipment:

Patient Monitors
X-Ray Equipment
Incubators & Infant Warmers

please just fill out the donation form so we can review your equipment and see how it can help those in need.


Emergency Essentials Programme launched

On 6 March, CHC Int. announced the establishment of Emergency Essentials agenda that will deliver two Programs to the most disadvantaged children and families in the community


This project is aimed at bringing relief as laboratory services, transport and ambulance services to deprived areas.

 The intent is, to bring an end to death caused by snake bite amongst others and especially pregnant women who are due to deliver in such areas who die due to lack of transport or ambulance services.

You can donate an ambulance, a bus, a car, laboratory equipments and any amount to the fulfilment of the project


Our intent is to build at least two (2) of the above centres for deprived areas or villages that study under tree, to boost their study environment and learning capacity. This will help make education in these areas attractive hence encourage parents to send their children to school.

You can donate computers, laptops, printers, photocopier machines, cameras of all kinds, books of all kinds, and any amount to the fulfilment of the project. 

How You Can Help

If you have equipment and/or supplies to donate visit our "Make a donation or sponsor a child page".

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